Friday, December 2, 2011


Well, this is the start of my fourth blog and perhaps you might be wondering why I decided to do another, especially as Dale's Wargames is a general wargaming blog and this sounds like it deals with solo gaming, which Dale's DBA also does.

This blog will be dedicated to my solo gaming efforts - save for the specific effort of solo gaming development for DBA - whether it be battle reports or the development of solo gaming mechanism. It will be my intent to discuss solo gaming mechanisms - typically applied to commercial or freely available rule sets, both miniatures and board games - then show them in practice in later battle reports. So expect battle reports to be more 'mechanical' in description, than entertaining (although I will still try to make them an interesting read).

A primary reason for carving this niche out from the Dale's Wargames blog is so that blog can maintain more focus towards rules reviews and club battle reports. This one, like Dale's DBA, will be more of 'stream of consciousness' writing on my part about solo gaming mechanics. Hopefully the stream will be bigger than it has been on Dale's DBA...

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