Thursday, November 5, 2020

Playing Undaunted: Normandy Solo using programmed rules

In my other blog I posted a first look at the game Undaunted: Normandy (UN) while in the last post on this blog I talked about initiative bidding in Undaunted: Normandy  Since those posts I have played UN a number of times (and hopefully will soon be playing it virtually face-to-face) - and tried to write this post several times. In the course of those solo playthroughs I have come across several solo play systems and mechanics (Board Game Geek account required to download the files), but there was one from "One Stop Co-Op Shop" that seemed pretty interesting and had a YouTube video showing how to use it.

Basically it is a single page of rules representing the program that the AI is supposed to run through in order to determine the programmed player's turn.

The first game I ran I used the program for the attackers (the U.S.) and it beat me. In all games of UD there is a certain amount of "luck of the draw", but this was honestly because I failed to keep my eye on the objective and when the AI had a chance to sneak in a win, it did.

Basically these are proper rules, telling the user which order to play cards in and what action to take when a card is played. There is very little gray area and several opportunities to inject a more "cautious" or "aggressive" personality into the rules.

Highly recommended.