Thursday, November 5, 2020

Playing Undaunted: Normandy Solo using programmed rules

In my other blog I posted a first look at the game Undaunted: Normandy (UN) while in the last post on this blog I talked about initiative bidding in Undaunted: Normandy  Since those posts I have played UN a number of times (and hopefully will soon be playing it virtually face-to-face) - and tried to write this post several times. In the course of those solo playthroughs I have come across several solo play systems and mechanics (Board Game Geek account required to download the files), but there was one from "One Stop Co-Op Shop" that seemed pretty interesting and had a YouTube video showing how to use it.

Basically it is a single page of rules representing the program that the AI is supposed to run through in order to determine the programmed player's turn.

The first game I ran I used the program for the attackers (the U.S.) and it beat me. In all games of UD there is a certain amount of "luck of the draw", but this was honestly because I failed to keep my eye on the objective and when the AI had a chance to sneak in a win, it did.

Basically these are proper rules, telling the user which order to play cards in and what action to take when a card is played. There is very little gray area and several opportunities to inject a more "cautious" or "aggressive" personality into the rules.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Hi Dale. Thanks for posting this. I've looked at a few solo rules for Undaunted on BGG but nothing that really appealed to me. This seems like just what I'm after. At least until the official rules come out in August!